Choosing the Right Mattress Dimension

Plank mattress is made for heavyweight sleepers and the firmer mattress. The mattress gives two firmness levels: Extra firm and firm. The mattress is supportive and increases better spinal alignment. The plank mattress is best mattress brand and is especially for back and stomach sleepers. This mattress gives a extra firm in one side of the mattress and firm feel on other side of the mattress. They provide support and spinal alignment for heavier sleepers. This mattress is made in a polyester and cotton blend cover and high density poly foam support core. The cover is made of organic cotton and cover is a breathable.

 They give the temperature regulation and they provide a cool sleep experience for sleepers. They provide better edge support. The plank mattress is good choice for couples and this mattress gives no noise. The mattress provides extra softness layer, the softness layer that cradles your joints and they give better spine alignment and support. The mattress has best of support for the hips and lower back.

The mattress cover can be slippery they keeps you form get a comfortable sleep position. This mattress gives durability, pressure relief and support, they allows for good blood flow and good support for your lower back. This mattress is best for those who want firmer mattress. This mattress is flappable and you can sleep both sides. This mattress is good for back pain and sleep position. The plank mattress is an all foam mattress. The Plank’s cover is cool to the touch and helps to dissipate body heat.

The mattress provides shape and support between the soft support layer. The mattress better deal of support for my hips, they keep the hips in alignment with the rest of the upper body and back. The mattress has less expensive.